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Mother’s Day is a celebration of honoring your mother, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and to influence your mothers in society. The role of mother is one of the best, toughest, most rewarding, challenging, and unpredictable jobs a woman can have. And since the generation is now showing more involvement in gadgets than family, it is important to make them understand the necessity of family time. This, mother’s day, McAfee takes initiative for those mothers who sacrificed their job due to family responsibilities.

In an industry made up of just 24% women, you just can’t afford to miss out on the perspectives and innovation that you unlock when you ensure your workplace mirrors the world in which you live. In addition, considering your current cybersecurity talent shortage, an inclusive workplace is dangerous to bridging your workforce gap. But with McAfee, you get another chance to work on your talent. Recently published blog on says more about the opportunity for mothers.

To encourage more women to bring (and keep!) their valuable and highly sought-after skills in the workplace, you just can’t talk a good game when it comes to championing inclusion and diversity; you have to walk the walk. Here are three ways McAfee is doing that when it comes to supporting your mothers:

Supports you and your family to grow just like your mother do

Always welcome a child is an exciting time in your life. It just wants to help you to take the time you need and to celebrate, bond, and adjust to new life with the newest addition to your family. Whether it’s offering extended leave with your new baby, providing the convenience of bringing your kids into the office or flexible working schedules, your parent initiatives recognize, celebrate, and accommodate your life’s big moments.

Offers Comfort and Convenience in the Workplace

Coming back to your work after having a baby can be a big transition for you that’s why McAfee helps you to support your mothers returning to the workplace after leaving. For example, if you’re a nursing mother who travels throughout the U.S., they offer a Milk Stork delivery program to give you peace of mind and convenience to get your baby’s nourishment delivered in a secure and quick manner.

In an ever-growing number of McAfee offices they offer Mother’s Rooms to provide a private and convenient way for mothers or mothers-to-be to enjoy a quiet and comfortable space while providing for their infant (and let’s be honest, sometimes that’s the only 20 minutes or so of quiet time a new working mother might have!). Moreover, for expecting or new mothers, Stork Parking provides reserved parking spaces. Fun fact: a pregnant woman’s lungs become increasingly compact as the baby grows that means getting from A to B is no longer a simple task. You can recognize this at McAfee. You know that the small things count.

Reintroducing your Mothers to the Workforce

You know that careers aren’t always linear, and parents may choose to pause your careers to care for your families. McAfee’s Return to Workplace program taps into the potential of those who may have taken a career break with the support, guidance, and resources needed to successfully rejoin the workforce. This global initiative was launched in the Bangalore, Cork, and Plano offices last year. You should be proud to share 80 % of program participants were offered a full-time position at McAfee.

Being a working mother is a strength. It only adds to the varying perspectives and experiences that drive innovative solutions. At McAfee, you should be so proud of the ways that you are recognizing and supporting mothers – and all of your team members – in being successful at home and at the workplace.

To learn more about the ways you must support working mothers and give your efforts to build an inclusive workplace where all can belong, read you’re first-ever Inclusion & Diversity Report. McAfee is providing jobs to mothers on this Mother’s day.

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